Creative video production is what we do. We work with you to define, design and deliver your message. As video experts, we are constantly staying on top of the latest technology so you don't have to... We also see ourselves as Problem Solvers... if a challenge arises that we can't conquer, we have the "go-to" people to get it done! We're proud of our worldwide network of specialists in a multitude of disciplines and we love to collaborate.

Creative Ideas

Creative Solutions

Creative Alchemy

Creative Results

General Process

While each and every project is unique, our process follows a logical progression to conclusion.

Let's Talk About Your Project

We're very much "hands on", "face-to-face" folks. It's great to get everyone together and discuss your plans, your goals and your expectations.

  • Initial contact is made and we chat about your project.
  • A meeting is set up for all persons involved.
  • We get together and talk about the potential project.
  • We agree for follow-up to take the next step.

A Concept is Born

Our Team works on items discussed in our initial meeting with you. We bounce ideas and possibilities around... look at the challenges and how we can meet them... and develop a "plan of attack".

We roll our conceptual ideas up into a formal proposal.

Time Management

Once you sign off on the proposal, we set up a timeframe for your project - shooting schedule, photography, voice-over session... whatever is needed.

Specific Deadline

Our Team works to ensure that we exceed all expectations - and that includes meeting your deadline!

Production & Post Production

On-site filming and photography... sound recording... whatever your project calls for - we get it done. All work is constantly reviewed for quality and accuracy - additional sessions and shoots are set up as needed.

Once everything is captured in the field, we head for the studio. All materials are captured and backups made. Post production begins! Editing... graphics... motion graphics... special effects... all come into play here. Painstaking work is done as Executive Producer Eric Turner pours over every second of footage and audio. The elements come together on the timeline as editing progresses. Depending upon the complexity, this process can take days or weeks. It's all about making each and every project the best it can be!

Finishing Touches

All through the post production process, we keep you "in the loop" - if required, we can upload the project to a private link for your perusal. Necessary "tweaks" and adjustments are made...

  • First run-through is uploaded to private link.
  • Client reviews - makes suggestions or approves.
  • Any necessary revisions are made and resubmitted.
  • Final approval.

The Finished Project

Depending upon your needs, your final project is rendered out to a format or formats of your choice: Windows Media, Quicktime, BluRay, DVD - however you need it.

Need help deploying? We can assist you with that, too!

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